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DIGITAL CAMERAIn 1976, after spending three years in the surfboard business, just stoked to work in the industry and being able to surf, I got the chance to shape surfboards. I was always interested in what made a surfboard work but I didn’t really understand much about surfboard shapes or their design until I started shaping. So when Natural Art Surfboards gave me this chance, I went out and bought all the tools I needed, made my first templates and then started going for it. After a couple of years of shaping a few boards that worked and a whole bunch that didn’t really work, things began to come together. I was able to start  shaping some boards for guys who ripped and they actually liked the way my shapes were riding. They were honest with me in their feedback and would tell me what was working but more importantly they would tell me what wasn’t working and that is where the real progression in surfboard design comes from. My goal from the beginning was to make cutting edge, state of the art, high performance surfboards that worked for all levels of surfing ability and to this day that remains my primary goal. Over the years I have had the opportunity to shape boards for many world class surfers. These guys really helped define who I am as a shaper. By having them travel around the world and put my boards to the test in all types of conditions, they were able to give me very honest and valuable feedback. Whenever I was able to develop a working surfer/shaper relationship with one of these guys, I had one basic philosophy and that was consistency in the shapes that I was providing for them. I knew every board I shaped was not going to be magical but if I got 7 or 8 out of 10 to be one that they really liked then I was successful. Progression in my designs has always come from working with good surfers as they traveled, going to some of the most demanding breaks the world has to offer, and riding boards that I had shaped for them. Trust me, that will expose every weakness that any shape or design might have. The performance of my shapes and designs have been tested and proven in Hawaii, Australia, Indo, Tahiti, South Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, Japan, and all over the USA. It has always been a goal of mine to transcend just being a guy who shapes in Florida. I want my shapes to work and be recognized on an international level. Over the years, I’ve been blessed with being able to shape boards for guys that surf on a world class level and I have also having been blessed with an intuitive understanding of surfboard design (knowing what works and doesn’t work in the conditions the board is being shaped for) and because of this, I have been able to achieve that goal. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m no longer learning because that is an ongoing process when you shape and no matter how many boards you may have done, surfing and surfboard designs will always be progressing and a good shaper needs to stay on top of that. My primary goal, as a shaper, is to keep refining and pushing the limits of the high performance boards I shape because when I do, it will filter down into all the rest my designs and models. I love shaping surfboards and I hope you can feel that both when you pick up one of my shapes and when you ride one.